How to Avoid Jail Time in Rhode Island

An arrest for crimes like drug possession or DUI may sometimes mean automatic jail time. This isn’t always the outcome however, if you’re working with a skilled criminal defense attorney. Here are some of the top alternative sentencing arrangements, and ultimately ways to avoid time in jail:

  • Drug Education Program – this is applicable to drug possession cases. If the offender is found in possession of drugs for sales or transportation, then he or she will be disqualified from applying. The drug defense lawyers argue that someone who abuses drugs may value these rehab courses to clean up his or her act. The opposite may occur with time spent in jail, and a newly minted criminal record.
  • Ignition Interlock Device – A DUI offender may still be able to legally drive. The only requirement is proving a clear head each time he or she enters their vehicle. The device is attached to the car and a Breathalyzer test has to be executed before unlocking the ignition. What happens if the DUI offender tries to pull a fast one and use someone else? Officers are usually alerted and the offender arrested – then sent to jail. These devices are built with recognition features to prevent such discrepancies with testing.
  • Electronic Monitoring – Most readers may recognize these as ankle bracelets that are popular in movies. It serves as a tracking device, and some offenders may even be allowed leeway for going to work and school.

These alternative sentencing are typically available for misdemeanor offenses. The cases may vary based on aggravating circumstances, the defendant’s personal criminal history and more.

If you’ve been accused of a crime and would like to find out about plea bargains or alternative sentencing to avoid jail time, contact the RI criminal defense lawyers at 401-272-4001.