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Definition of  Rhode Island Juvenile Crimes:

Rhode Island Code Chapter 14 defines a juvenile delinquent as a wayward child under the age of 18 years old.  Wayward children are those that either:

  • Have left home, without a valid reason
  • The child is often linked to criminals or those who are immoral
  • The child practices a corrupt lifestyle
  • The child customarily disregards the rules of a guardian
  • The minor does not attend school, or frequently breaks the rules
  • The minor violates the laws of the United States

Juvenile crimes are processed in the Family Court, with some exceptions.

Here’s one example of a juvenile crime and how it is penalized:

Rhode Island Code Chapter 14-1-4

  Idleness Or Frequenting Of Disreputable Places –

which includes visiting places of gambling or where liquor is sold. The consequences include up to $500 in fines, and up to one year imprisonment.

The law surrounding Family Court Proceedings, and those pertaining to Juvenile Crimes are comprehensive and relative to several factors.

This includes the age of the offender, whether a legal warrant or summons was issued, if adoptive parents are involved or notified, and more.

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What Are the Consequences of Rhode Island Juvenile Crimes?

It depends on the act committed.

In addition, if a parent or legal guardian fails to comply with the court or fails to obey a summons for example, he or she can be sentenced to up to three months in prison, and up to $100 in fines.

Added Note

Rhode Island also participates in a Juvenile Victim Restitution Program under Title Code 14-1-32.1. This law requires that juveniles compensate victims for any losses sustained, either through payment or employment. A good example would be if a juvenile vandalized a building.

Juveniles are usually sentenced in the most minimally restricted facilities.

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