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Have You Been Falsely Imprisoned?

False Imprisonment cases in the State of Rhode Island mean that someone was incorrectly imprisoned due to an error in the legal system.

John R. Grasso has worked in law enforcement himself, and he knows all about the correct procedures for making an arrest.

With a skilled RI defense attorney to help, you stand a good chance of fighting this false arrest, and being compensated for your time.

Definition of False Imprisonment:

Rhode Island Code Chapter 12-7-14 defines False Imprisonment as incorrectly arresting or imprisoning someone, even though they were not a part of the crime in question. The victim is able to file a lawsuit under this state title code, if they’re able to prove their innocence.

With the help of a lawyer, this false arrest is certainly feasible, and the defendants will be able to claim a lawsuit funding.

Examples of false imprisonment include:

If a police officer did not have enough evidence or information to arrest someone. This is otherwise known as a probable cause.

Not only are police officers to blame in instances of false arrest, other authoritative agents may abuse their power as well – leading to false imprisonment. These members include peace officers, federal agents, and other members of law enforcement.

Additional Notes:

If a warrant was used at the time of arrest, this should be valid and have been obtained through correct police proceedings.

Depending on the circumstances of the case, such as whether any brutality or battery incurred, separate lawsuits can be filed as well.

Since false imprisonment can affect the person’s life, in terms of their reputation, job, wages and family life, it’s a civil right for victims to file for this lawsuit – with the help of a lawyer by their side.

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Damages and liability will most likely be fought in court, especially in events of malicious prosecution.

Your defense lawyer will however, conduct private research, sometimes even reconstructing the scene, to fight the case – and win.

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