DUI Sentencing Enhancement: What Factors Contribute?

If you’ve been caught drinking and driving in Rhode Island, you will need an experienced attorney to help you receive the lowest fines and penalties.

The standard penalties for DUI in Rhode Island include jail time in some instances, monetary fines, and one of the most restrictive ones – loss of your right to drive legally for some time. To top this off, Rhode Island DUI offenders will additionally have a criminal record to contend with in the event that they’re convicted of a felony DUI.

The reasons why a DUI offense may obtain increased sentencing include:

  • Being An Habitual DUI Offender – This rings a bell to jurors that the offender is not concerned with consequences, or the risks associated with drinking and driving. A DUI offense for the fourth time is prosecuted more severely than a first or second offense.
  • DUI Resulting in Injury – If a passenger or pedestrian was injured as a result of DUI, these circumstances will be weighed and penalties will likely increase.
  • DUI with a Minor Passenger – The defendant may also be prosecuted for child endangerment in the event that a minor under 18 or 21 was present at the time.
  • Vehicular Manslaughter – In this event, defendants will likely be charged for two offenses, which include DUI and manslaughter. The intertwined circumstances  of death and intoxication will likely increase fines.

Even though these are serious offenses with aggravating factors, not everything is what it seems. A RI DUI lawyer can examine the circumstances of the case to prove your innocence or lower the fines.

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