How a Crime of Moral Turpitude Can Affect You, Immigration Lawyer Rhode Island

Crimes such as rape, theft and murder are considered to be crimes of moral turpitude, which come with a legion of consequences in and out of the courtroom. Here’s why:

  • Deportation – this is relative to legal permanent residents, as well as those on U.S. soil illegally. A lawyer can however help to stop removal proceedings for student visa holders, work permit holders, refugees or green card holders.
  • License Suspension – most employers or organizations when learning about a conviction will take disciplinary action against the offender by suspending his or her license.
  • Sealing Juvenile History – past juvenile offenders may be prohibited from sealing or expunging their records if crimes of moral turpitude are committed in adulthood.
  • Business Ownership – certain entrepreneurs such as bar owners who depend on a valid liquor license for business may be prohibited from renewing or continuing this operation when such crimes are committed.

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Examples of How a Lawyer Can Help:

  • A lawyer can help to lessen sentencing through plea bargains – to non-deportable crimes
  • Arrange alternative sentencing to jail with the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney
  • In drug possession cases, defendants can prove that the drugs were held in possession for personal use only, which carries lower fines than possession for sale
  • A defense attorney can help to prove innocence against high-penalty crimes like fraud, murder or rape
  • Domestic violence defendants may also have a hard time proving innocence without a skilled attorney by their side

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