RESULT: Student Sexual/Gender-Based Misconduct

“Student Sexual/Gender-Based Misconduct.  Local university student was accused by a classmate of sexual assault.  He was immediately separated from campus and his regular studies, subjected to police interrogation and investigation, forced to defend himself as a respondent in a student conduct disciplinary action, and became the defendant in district court litigation.  We investigated, secured video, digital and other critical evidence that was entirely inconsistent with the false accusations.  With that evidence in hand, we assisted the police which resulted in no criminal charges.  After a full trial in the district court, a judge found that the evidence failed to prove that a sexual assault occurred.  At the university’s student conduct hearing, all of our evidence was presented including testimony which clearly identified the mistruths and false allegations and the hearing panel decided that our student client was not responsible for any wrongdoing.  If you or your college student is accused of serious campus misconduct, the first minutes and hours make all of the difference.  Find and secure an experienced attorney to advocate for you.”