Everyone’s favorite tests – the dreaded essay exams.

It is likely that you have never experienced an essay quite like the Bar, but hopefully the following strategy can help you best prepare for the upcoming exam.

While it may be tempting to pull out classic law school “word vomit” and simply dump every rule of law onto the page, this is not your best approach.  The Bar exam is not a 1L law school exam.  They Bar expects you to organize your thoughts well and execute an essay with the polish of a 3rd year law student.

With Rhode Island criminal defense attorney John R. Grasso’s guide to preparing for the bar exam, you are giving yourself an extra source to better your chances of only taking this exam one time.  If you find yourself struggling to finish essays during your bar prep, or if you just don’t think the quality of your work is up to par, then John Grasso’s Bar prep guide may be just what you need to develop a solid essay preparation plan.

Here is the Essay portion of John’s study guide: Essay

Stay tuned for the rest of the week to see the final segments of John’s Bar prep study guide for the 2012 Bar exam.