Campus Sexual Assault Violation: Client Testimonial

“Without warning, the college notified my brother that he was being investigated by the college and the police for alleged sexual assault violation.  My brother was on break from school and visiting his family in South America when we learned of this false accusation.  We immediately turned to Attorney Grasso for information and advocacy.  From many miles away, Attorney Grasso made us feel that we were always part of the process.  He kept us informed day and night.
With his non-stop attention to detail, first the police decided to terminate its investigation without criminal charges.  Next, the college ended its violation without charges.  My brother’s life is back on track thanks to Attorney Grasso.  This sort of experience is unimaginable.  We are so grateful that Attorney Grasso answered his phone when we called and even more grateful for his compassion, patience, determination and successful advocacy for our family.  When this happens to a student, it happens to the student’s entire family.”