Drug Crimes

Attorney John R. Grasso represents clients facing felony and misdemeanor drug charges in state and federal courts of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Federal and state drug crimes include:

  • Delivery
  • Distribution
  • Intent to deliver/sell
  • International Drug Trafficking
  • Manufacturing/Cultivation
  • Membership in an international drug ring
  • Narcotics manufacturing
  • Narcotics trafficking
  • Organizing an international drug ring
  • Possession
  • Possession of paraphernalia
  • Running an international drug ring
  • Sale
  • Trafficking

Defendants charged with violation of drug laws need aggressive legal
representation early.

Police and prosecutors aggressively pursue cases involving the illegal use of drugs (“controlled substances”), whether those drugs are illegal by definition or if they are prescription drugs used in an illegal manner (“club drugs”).

Defendants facing drug-related criminal charges need an aggressive defense tailored to their particular situation. The government is always anxious to win a drug conviction. Criminal investigations become a rush to judgment. Oftentimes, constitutional and other legal rights of the defendant are trampled or ignored. Attorney Grasso has successfully defended unlawful searches and seizures.

Many drug-related cases involve three very critical events all involving the police: a STOP, a SEARCH, and an ARREST. If you have been charged with a drug crime, you need a competent attorney skilled in challenging illegal searches and seizures in order to EXCLUDE evidence that the police may have illegally seized from your person, automobile, home, etc.

Convictions Have Serious Consequences

The punishment imposed by a judge for a drug-related criminal conviction will depend not only upon the type of drug involved, but the amount (in weight) and the intended use of the drug (personal use/possession, manufacture, distribution, sale, etc.).

If you are convicted of a drug charge, you may face multiple penalties including monetary fines, probation, and/or jail. If you are convicted of a drug crime near a school or involving minors, your penalties may be doubled. Additionally, having a drug related conviction on your criminal record could make getting a job or renting an apartment more difficult.

Illegal Drugs:

  • Ecstasy (MDMA)
  • Marijuana (Marihuana)
  • Cocaine (Powder) (coke), Cocaine Base
  • Crack Cocaine (Rock)
  • Methamphetamine (Meth, Crystal Meth, Ice)
  • Amphetamine
  • Heroin
  • Opium
  • PCP (Phencyclidine)
  • LSD (D-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide)
  • Fentanyl, Fentanyl Analouge
  • Hashish
  • Hashish Oil

Prescription Drugs / Club Drugs:

  • Ambien
  • Ativan
  • Codeine
  • Darvocet
  • Demerol
  • Dexedrine
  • Dilaudid
  • Hydrocodone
  • Ketamine
  • Lortab
  • Methadone
  • Morphine
  • Percocet

If you or a loved one is facing federal or state drug-related charges, the risk of a faulty defense can be serious incarceration and imprisonment along with the loss of personal assets and imposition of monetary fines. Call the Law Office of John R. Grasso, Inc. to schedule a free initial consultation with a criminal defense attorney experienced with this sort of problem. Aggressive and expert criminal defense is what we do. Call us if we can be of help to you.

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