Aggravated Felony

Have You Been Arrested and Charged with an RI Aggravated Felony?

Then you need to contact an experienced RI criminal attorney to defend your rights in the RI state and federal courts.  Attempting to defend yourself in court is a dangerous strategy, and your best chance to avoid the severe and lifelong penalties associated with an aggravated felony is to contact a Rhode Island attorney as soon as possible.

At the Rhode Island Law Offices of John R. Grasso, you can sleep a little easier knowing that your criminal defense attorney has the knowledge and experience to provide you a vigorous defense in court.  If you are facing a criminal conviction or deportation for an aggravated felony, contact Rhode Island criminal defense attorney John R. Grasso for a free consultation today.

What is an Aggravated Felony in Rhode Island?

In United States immigration law, the term aggravated felony refers to a broad category of crimes that carry certain severe consequences for non-citizens seeking asylum, legal permanent resident status, citizenship, or avoidance of deportation proceedings.

If you are non-US citizen convicted of an aggravated felony you may not be able to:

  • receive asylum in the US;
  • become a United States citizen;
  • enter the United States after your conviction is affirmed; and
  • have removal orders cancelled without  express, specific authorization of the Attorney General

Non-citizens convicted of aggravated felonies are automatically deported to their respective home countries.  These deportation orders are not subject to review by federal courts; however, federal courts have held that they retain the ability to judge which crimes should be considered aggravated felonies.

Additionally, while the stress and emotional turmoil of a deportation proceeding are an obvious source of pain and struggle for you, it should be known that the consequences of an aggravated felony conviction do not end there.  On top of a deportation, you may be facing:

  • A lengthy prison sentence;
  • Financially devastating fines and penalties;
  • Forced separation from your family and loved ones;
  • Expensive and time-consuming legal proceedings

Don’t risk the future of you and your family.  An aggravated felony conviction in Rhode Island can change your life forever – and only with the assistance and guidance of a well-versed RI criminal lawyer do you stand the best chance of avoiding serious penalties.

What Should I Do After my Aggravated Felony Arrest?

If you have been arrested for an aggravated felony and are facing deportation, Attorney John R. Grasso can assist you in the defense of your case and ensure you have experienced legal representation on your side.  With a background in law enforcement as a police officer and as a successful Rhode Island defense attorney, Attorney John R. Grasso focuses his legal practice exclusively on criminal defense in the Rhode Island and Massachusetts state and federal courts.

Don’t take a chance on an attorney fresh out of law school or one without a long history of defending clients against aggravated felony charges.  Contact the Rhode Island Law Offices of John R. Grasso today for a free consultation regarding your criminal case.

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