Two College Clients Were Exonerated of Alleged Wrongdoing on Campus

This week, two college clients were exonerated of alleged wrongdoing on campus.  The first was falsely accused of almost 30 different violations of the student conduct code by another student with motive.  He maintained his innocence from the beginning, actively participated in the investigation process, squared off with his accuser, and was exonerated by an independent hearing panel of every charge.  The other client brought us into our first alleged race discrimination accusation on a university campus.  The claim was outrageous and false.  It was fabricated to achieve a benefit the accuser was not entitled to and denied.  After a thorough investigation and confrontation, the assigned investigator determined that none of it was supported by the evidence.  These cases are very real and impact a student’s life in so many harmful ways.  If both of these clients hadn’t carefully defended themselves, the outcomes could have been very different and their lives – long after leaving campus – never the same.  If you know someone accused of any sort of campus misconduct, urge them to seek competent and experienced advice as their first response.  Trusting the campus system of justice to reach a fair result absent a zealous defense is more likely than not going to end with disaster.

Result: Exonerated