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Would You Like To Obtain Lawful Permanent Residency?

The Immigration and Nationality Act outlines the methods in which a foreigner can apply for Lawful Permanent Residency.

A knowledgeable RI immigration attorney understands how to make this process as smooth as possible, without any hiccups along the way.

In many instances, hiring a good immigration attorney will mean the difference between a speedy approval, or a long queue with the millions of foreigners who file day after day.

What’s more?

It’s imperative to have all the key pieces of the puzzle in alignment, which means forms, paperwork, documentation, fingerprints, and medical testing.

Get through the motions with the help of the best RI immigration lawyer by your side.

Adjust Status to Lawful Permanent Residency in Rhode Island

Coming to a foreign land may be tough, regardless of whether you’re here because of marriage, work, family or business. A new environment can become even more stressful to handle without the right order of business in place. You need to attain your lawful permanent residency to attain gainful employment, enroll in higher education, and reach the peak of the American Dream.

There are many questions that might arise throughout the course of adjusting one’s status. This includes:

  • The estimated time-frame for USCIS approval
  • If and when an interview will be conducted
  • The paperwork required, forms to fill, or fees to pay
  • Many more

A practiced immigration attorney should be able to answer these questions, and also help to make the filing process a lot easier.

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As an additional note, foreigners who’ve had prior run-ins with the law are able to file for post conviction relief, in order to improve their chances of approval. This is especially true if the crime committed involved moral turpitude, or the immigrant is now considered a convicted felon.

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