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Have You Been Arrested on a Rhode Island Criminal Violating Protective Orders Charge?

Has someone accused you of showing no restraint? Were you previously served a restraining order, but the petitioner claimed failure to comply?

John R. Grasso has an impressive portfolio and background in protective order cases, which can be applied to current and real-life situations.

He has successfully defended many Rhode Island defendants who’ve been accused of violating their protective orders. We’ll  seek out the real truth for you. Don’t allow a lie to steal your freedom. Call John R. Grasso today.

Definition of Violating Protective Orders:

Rhode Island Code Chapter 15-15-3 defines Violating Protective Orders as willfully disregarding the stipulations set forth in an order arranged by the court.

As an example, if someone was previously found guilty of domestic violence, or threatened to do so, the plaintiff may file for a protective order. These can stipulate:

  • No-contact with the other party
  • Restricting any form of abuse, molestation or harassment
  • Staying away from the complainant’s place of residence, when seen on the street, or in any other public venue
  • Whether it’s valid for both adults and children
  • That the defendant leaves the home
  • Assignment of child custody rights
  • Revocation of one’s right to bear arms
  • Child support payments for up to 90 days

This shows how in-depth the law is. Protective orders were meant to prevent further abuse on another by someone else.

The Rhode Island Law Offices of John R. Grasso are well-informed about these types of cases.

It should be noted that defendants can petition to modify a protective order. This is common for cases that involve the defendant’s child/children. A skilled lawyer can also help with this. Also, we will verify that the order was indeed handed to you. Don’t wait, contact an experienced lawyer now.

What Are the Consequences of Rhode Island Violating Protective Orders Charges?

Violating protective orders within Rhode Island is a misdemeanor that is punishable by:

  • Up to 1 year in prison, and/or
  • Up to $1,000 in fines

Contact an Aggressive Violating Protective Orders Defense Attorney in Rhode Island

If you find yourself being in contempt of the court, Attorney John R. Grasso can deliver very strong defenses for your case. Some of these defenses include that the plaintiff initiated the  contact, or that the date of the order was expired at the time.

Whatever the situation may be, our practiced Rhode Island lawyer will offer a free consultation to set the record straight – on what needs to be done during trial.

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