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Are you in the middle of processing a Rhode Island Visitation Agreement?

Rhode Island Code Chapter 15 outlines the requirements and guidelines for processing visitation agreement cases. These are extensive and apply to both parents as well as relatives, including grandparents and siblings.

Each subdivision has its own set of guidelines that a knowledgeable lawyer can walk you through.

Visitation agreements are usually processed after a divorce, or when unmarried couples with children split. In other instances, these may relate to adoption cases, and the rights of both the biological and adoptive parents.

Each child custody case is handled on an individual level, as it is the most sensitive issue relating to the right of parents who want to see their children.

Some issues are simple if everyone is on the same page. The visitation agreement could be drafted by a lawyer to prove this verbal understanding in the future.

In more complex cases, John R. Grasso is able to help with child custody cases that are affected by relocation, paternity and other issues.

Get a solution now, by speaking confidentially with a lawyer regarding the case.

How John R. Grasso Can Help?

  • Modify existing court orders relating to child custody or visitation agreements
  • Divorce proceedings, whether it’s agreed or consented to by both parties
  • Child support or alimony cases
  • Asset distribution, with fair and proper requests made to the court
  • Abuse from protection filings and more

These cases are strongly affiliated with visitation agreements, and John R. Grasso is a well-rounded lawyer, who can help win cases in both family and district courts.

Even though child visitation agreements are delicate issues, you need an aggressive lawyer who can relate your case to the jury.

Every parent has a right to see his/her child. It’s the law.

However, not all cases of child visitation play out in the parent’s favor. With the help of a lawyer in child custody battles or visitation agreements, the case can be fought legally in court – and won.

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