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Current or ex-spouses who are in need of legal advice for divorce proceedings, child support arrangements, custody agreements, alimony, and other areas that involve dividing assets or arranging a reasonable and safe resolution, will find the best representation with law offices of John R. Grasso.

Definition of Spousal Support:

Rhode Island Code Chapter 15-5-16.2 outlines the protocols or requirements for alimony or  spousal support.

The calculations for alimony, in terms of how long and how much is needed, is based on several factors:

  • The length of the marriage
  • If there were any wrongdoings performed by each spouse
  • The source of income and employment for each spouse
  • If one of the parties stayed home to housekeep, and his/her educational background
  • The timeframe needed to update the skills of this same spouse
  • How probable the person is to become financially independent, based on their health and educational background
  • The quality of the person’s life during marriage
  • Other factors that can be discussed with a lawyer

Divorce may feel as though you’re navigating the rough seas, but you can sail smoothly to shore with a lawyer by your side.

John R. Grasso will look at the complete case objectively, while still exercising compassion to clients who are undergoing divorce and alimony proceedings.

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John R. Grasso is a well-known lawyer that can help to sort out arrangements such as alimony, child support, and other family-law related cases.

In the midst of this chaos and challenging time, help can be found financially – with the help of a lawyer by your side. John R. Grasso will examine all details of the case before presenting the claim or filings in court. With the best preparation services, spouses seeking alimony can get the best outcome for his/her case.

In addition, spouses who have children together, or who have been abused, can additionally find legal protection with the help of a knowledgeable lawyer.

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