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Definition of Modification of Existing Court Orders:

Rhode Island Code Chapter 15-5-16.2 acknowledges and outlines the clauses for modifying an existing court order.

It essentially includes the protocols of divorce proceedings, and how this applies to supporting a child/children until his/her/their eighteenth birthday, or upon 90 days of graduation.

The court uses a formula to calculate such payment arrangements. Failure to comply with these orders could lead to fines, or jail time in some cases.

There are additionally other types of court orders besides child support. They are each flexible enough to be modified with the help of a lawyer. These include the visitation rights or spousal support.

Your attorney can provide legal representation to appeal the court’s decision. If there has been a change in living arrangements for example, the case may need to be revisited.

In another case in point, a child support payment may need to be tailored if the supporter has increased or decreased income.  In the event that one party fails to report his/her income, this can additionally be investigated with the help of a legal representative.

The legal representation isn’t one-sided either, as one or both parents may seek to modify a court order.

These examples are limited however, since there are other circumstances that may result in the need for modification of a court order.

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Added Notes:

It’s important to note that if a court order has been violated, this can lead to serious repercussions including jail time and monetary fines. Before overstepping your boundaries be sure to contact a lawyer who may be able to help.

In addition, parties who have violated a no-contact order, or were falsely accused of doing so, can be defended with the help of our law firm.

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