RESULT: Not Guilty – Campus Sex Misconduct

Local university charged our client with various violations of the student code of conduct including sexual assault.

We thoroughly examined the evidence including police reports and a variety of social media communications, subpoenaed records from state agencies that weren’t provided as part of the university’s investigation but helped exonerate the accused student, and prepared our student client’s challenge to the evidence. On the day of his student conduct hearing, the University empaneled an unfair jury comprised of unqualified participants. When the hearing office refused to remedy the defect, an immediate complaint to the office of general counsel secured the required result. After hearing, the University found our student client not responsible for all charges.

If your college or university student is accused of campus wrongdoing, Title IX or otherwise, he or she needs an experienced advocate during every stage of the process. Do not trust that your child’s college or university will protect his or her best interest. It will not.