Laying the foundation…

Before you listen to what I did to help me pass the Rhode Island and Massachusetts bar exams with the hope that it might help you pass your exam(s), consider the following and adjust your plan accordingly. First, I used BARBRI and both the 6 and 3 day PMBR programs. I do not advocate for either and wonder, looking back on the experience, if I could have done without them. Since I cannot answer that question with any degree of reliability, let’s forget it. I suggest you use a commercial study program(s) as the substance (meat and potatoes) of your plan.

Second, I took the afternoon session of BARBRI. If you have a choice, I suggest you take your commercial study program during the time of day when you are NOT at your best. Save the time of day when you are your sharpest to do the real learning. I am serious about this suggestion. Watching lectures via video simply does not call upon your “A” game, so don’t waste it.

Finally, I moved away from any distractions for two months and as close as I could be to the place where BARBRI was offered. I saved 2 hours/day in commuting alone. That was 10 hours/week or 80 hours over two months. I also prepared a workspace that was conducive to learning and nothing else. The library is not likely the place to study for the bar. Please do not fool yourself that you are working by surrounding yourself with others who are fooling themselves that they are working. I find that being alone forces you to be more honest about your efforts. The group dynamic can be misleading.