How to Challenge A DUI Case

When you’re confronting a legal challenge such as DUI, one of the best moves to make is to contact a professional who has experience in this niche. DUI cases may seem very simple to defend by a public defender, or even a simple explanation from the accused, however these cases are becoming more common as state police aim to crack down on offenders.

DUI penalties are furthermore serious, as guilty parties face license suspension, high fines, jail time and a record that could potentially affect future job applications.

Some of the top defenses include:

No Probable Cause – the officers on duty must have a probable cause to pull someone over for DUI. Probable causes are usually recorded on the police report, which is used as evidence in the courtroom. A defense attorney can dispute these with counter claims.

Inaccurate BAC – not all testing equipment is 100% foolproof, and this can be verified through retesting. One of the most popular legal tips following a DUI arrest is to contact an attorney. The lawyer can request samples as well as independent testing.

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