Dismissed: First Degree Sexual Assault

Police arrest client and charge him with a capital offense (up to a lifetime in jail) and other violent felonies after disgruntled ex-girlfriend makes incredible accusations against him. With only the police reports available to it, the court holds client without bail but orders an immediate hearing. Client and his family retain the Law office of John R. Grasso, Inc. to investigate and defend these outrageous charges. Less than 3 weeks later and after an intense investigation by Attorney Grasso, the capital offense and all but one charge is dismissed. When the police charge a capital offense such as first degree sexual assault, the court usually holds the accused in prison without bail. Alone and behind bars, the accused must rely on his (or her) family to find an attorney who possesses the skills, resources, and experience to immediately devout his full attention to proving to the court that the facts are much different than what they are alleged to be in the police report.