Deportable Crimes in Rhode Island, Green Card Attorney Rhode Island

Crimes involving moral turpitude subject offenders to removal proceedings – otherwise known as deportation. If you’re a legal permanent resident who has been falsely accused of a crime, be sure to contact a lawyer immediately.

The sooner a strong defense is put together, the less likely defendants will be found guilty. Defendants who are indeed guilty may be able to secure plea bargains or alternative sentences with the help of a lawyer.

Here are some of the top deportable crimes in Rhode Island:

  • Drug Crimes – including the possession of drugs for sale, the direct selling of drugs, or the manufacturing thereof
  • Murder – including first degree and second degree murder
  • Rape – which is having sexual intercourse with someone without his or her consent, and through force, violence or threat
  • Assault – in some aggravating circumstances. Cases may vary and a lawyer can help to clarify the consequences for an assault you might’ve been accused of.

How A Removal Proceeding May Play Out:

Some prosecutors will take the case to an immigration court where one of three things can happen:

  1. Legal permanent residents are disqualified from gaining U.S. Citizenship
  2. Green Cards are revoked
  3. Removal proceedings are initiated

Definition of Legal Aliens

Legal Aliens are regarded as those that have been permitted to work and live in the United States for a specified period of time. Examples include Green Card Holders, or those that study or work on restricted visas. An RI immigration attorney can further explain your rights as a Legal Resident of the United States.

If you’re facing removal proceedings, contact the law offices of John R. Grasso today. We can help with:

  • Filing motions of appeal
  • Proving your innocence for the accused crimes
  • Modifying or vacating past criminal convictions

If you’ve been arrested for a deportable crime, contact the RI criminal defense attorneys at 401-272-4001.