Days 1 through 6… Bar Exam Study Guide Part 3

Below is John’s suggested first week of Bar preparation.  Days one through six lays a basic foundation for the next three months and gives you a good idea of where your strengths and weakness may initially lie.  If you are not doing as well as you hoped in one area, you will be able to adjust accordingly. If you are doing better than expected in another subject, you may be able to focus on other areas that may not be as strong.

With the solid foundation of study organization laid out in Rhode Island criminal defense attorney John R. Grasso’s Bar exam study guide, you will be able to mentally prepare yourself for the upcoming months of grueling study time.  Develop good study and time management habits in the first week. It will set a good tone for the following weeks.

If you find yourself becoming distracted, make a change. Take John’s advice, eliminate distractions. Whether that means you have to move away from your friends or isolate yourself completely, find what works for you and stick to that plan.

Keep following the legal blog of RI criminal defense lawyer John R. Grasso over the next two week to receive more free study tips for the 2012 Bar exam.  If you are impatient and can’t wait, you can check out the link to Part 3 of John’s study guide at the following link: Days 1-6… – For Law Students.