Day 13 to the finish…

Two weeks into your Bar studying you are probably starting to feel the weight of filling your brain with what seems like an overload of information.  Don’t worry – at this point you are really beginning to learn your stuff and develop your study schedule.  The focus and dedication you are developing will benefit you long after the Bar exam is over.

No matter if you are working towards a career in Rhode Island criminal law or California business law, the Bar exam preparation guide by Attorney John R. Grasso can help you develop the best strategy for you to tackle the 2012 Bar.

As you continue your studying keep focused on the fact that you are doing more than just studying for the Bar exam. The practice of law is not a simple endeavor.  You will have weeks where you are incredibly stressed. You will pull late nights. You will have moments where you question your ability to successfully complete a usable work product.

Don’t let these concerns distract you from the end goal.

With roughly three months to study for the 2012 bar, the habits you will be forming and the sense of discipline and dedication you are instilling in yourself will lay the foundation for your successful future as a lawyer.  Trust in yourself and you can’t go wrong.

Check out the next section of RI criminal defense attorney John R. Grasso’s bar exam study guide: Day 13 to Finish. Stay tuned for the next week for the final 4 sections of John’s study guide.