Day 13 to Finish…

On Day 13, you are back to Evidence (assuming that was the first subject in the PMBR book). Before you begin to answer questions 51 – 100, you have to add a step. Take the legal pad with your Evidence notes on it and read the notes you made. When you finish reading the notes, answer the next 50 questions then follow the same routine you did for days 7 – 12. Be sure to continue to build on the notes on the legal pad. By the time I finished all the PMBR questions in both books, I had about 100 notes in each subject.

Every day from now until you’ve answered all the PMBR practice questions, read the notes on the legal pad for that day’s tested subject beginning with the first note on the page. By the time you finish all the PMBR questions in both books, you will have read the first day’s notes about 6 times or more. The repetition – seeing it over and over again – helped me to remember the stuff I wrote on those pads. And guess what. That was the stuff tested on the MBE. Those are likely the trick questions the evil people who write the MBE questions expect you to get wrong because many of those questions are illogical, impractical, and hardly relevant to the practice of law. Nevertheless, that’s the stuff that decides whether you will get a license to practice law. Go figure.

I took all the full PMBR and BARBRI practice MBE exams under testing conditions those companies offered. I reviewed the answers to those practice tests the same way I did my daily dose of 50 questions. I took the 3-day PMBR program at the end of BARBRI but I did not hang around for the video review of the answers to that test. By then, I knew how to grade my own test and review the answers. I did not need two days to do that. I did it in a few hours.

That’s all I have for preparing for the MBE. I do not recommend you do more MBE questions than what PMBR and BARBRI give you. In fact, I would only do the BARBRI MBE questions that appear on the BARBRI daily calendar and ignore the rest in the BARBRI books as far as preparing for the MBE. Your scores are going to rise and fall. Don’t sweat it. Absolutely do NOT listen to your nervous classmates who are going to stretch the truth about how well their scores are improving. Most want to believe what they are telling you is true. Stay away from that trap and stay focused on what matters.