College Sexual Assault UNFOUNDED

Client Testimonial

College Sexual Assault UNFOUNDED. A college and university response to accusations of campus sex assaults offends any notion of fairness or due process. It’s quite the opposite and until you’ve been a party to it, you wouldn’t believe it. The Law Office of John R. Grasso successfully defended another college student wrongly accused of sexual misconduct on a Massachusetts campus. For months, we worked to prove that the allegations against this young person were entirely inconsistent with the evidence. Fighting through a system that prohibits the accused to confront his or her accuser and makes it virtually impossible to investigate in a meaningful way, we successfully persuaded the fact finders that our client was the victim of false accusation. If your son or daughter is accused of campus wrongdoing, you must rely on an experienced attorney to guide him or her through every step of the process. Your child’s college or university will provide support for every aspect of college life, from helping him or her make healthy choices in the dining facility to suggesting a variety of electives. If he or she is accused of college sexual misconduct, the only support it will provide is to offer him or her the opportunity to have an untrained faculty member provide advice in an area that only a trained advocate is competent to provide. Do NOT allow your son or daughter to rely on his or her math or economics professor to investigate, define, and pursue a defense. You need a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney to zealously advocate for your child.”