College Campus Sex Assault & Sex Harassment Exoneration

“Three female students coordinated their Title 9 complaints on a fourth female freshman student, our client.  Secretly, those three students made two separate complaints to make it appear to college officials that our client had a pattern of harassing behavior.  The accused student and her parents turned to us to investigate and advocate.  At a full hearing, our investigation proved that the first two students conspired with the third student to make false complaints against our client in order to have the college remove our client from her dormitory so that the third complaining student could replace her.  The complaints had their intended effect and the college removed our client from her dormitory while the third complaining student quietly took her place.  After an exhausting investigation and the forensic recovery of communications, the hearing panel exonerated our client.  She will not be moving back with her former roommates but she will be returning to campus with her dignity.”