Big Win for Student Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault

Big Win for Student Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault

The Daily Beast recently reported that college sexual assaults are on the rise.  This statistic is based on a federal study by the Institute of Education Sciences. The news outlet concludes that the stigma associated with victims coming forward has been on the decline.

As rape culture becomes more popular on college campuses, parents must address the risks and educate their children on what needs to be done if he or she is confronted as the victim of an assault or the person accused of committing the assault.

Parents of the accused and attorneys advocating for the accused student know the extent of this sort of nightmare – the victim makes a report and the accused is left on his own, oftentimes thrown off campus and suspended before a minute’s worth of investigating has occurred.  If you or your child is accused of campus sexual misconduct, you must immediately secure the services of an attorney trained to investigate and defend campus misconduct.

Steps to Take Following a False Accusation

According to the Law Office of John R. Grasso, Inc., your first two decisions are the most critical.  First, do not make any statements to anyone.  Regardless of what the college or university might tell you, the time to make your first statement is later.  Second, retain an attorney with experience advocating for students accused of campus sexual assault.  Regardless of what the college or university might tell you about the benefits of having a faculty advisor by your side, chances are that person has no training or experience advocating for students and has a direct conflict of interest with their employer.  Not any lawyer will do either.  You need an attorney who has fought these fights like John Grasso in your corner.

Grasso has seen it all, including cases where the so-called victim’s purpose is to ruin a life.

Don’t allow your child to be caught up in this tragic statistic. John R. Grasso, Esq. can help.

Case in Point

A college student was recently accused of sexual misconduct on a Massachusetts college campus. As with most of these cases, the policies in place on campus are biased, restrictive, and entirely unfair to the accused.

Despite the hurdles that needed to be crossed to clear the defendant’s name, John R. Grasso made the seemingly impossible, possible.

College campuses are set up with all types of support systems, including how to choose a major, how to make healthy eating choices, and how to make new friends. When it comes to a major accusation like a sexual assault, however, college students in the crosshairs are left to fend for themselves.

Don’t make the mistake of relying on a campus counselor to walk you through the process of fighting an accusation of campus sexual assault.

Attorney John R. Grasso is an advocate you can count on to do the sort of investigating, research and advocacy necessary to survive this sort of horrific endeavor. To schedule a consultation, call (401) 272-4001.

Source: The Daily Beast