Attorney John R. Grasso Published in Rhode Island Bar Journal

In another contribution to the well-respected Rhode Island Bar Journal, Attorney John R. Grasso’s article “Family Court Rehabilitative Support Awards: When and How Much?” was published in the Journal’s May/June 2012 edition.  Respected as a knowledgable rhode island criminal defense lawyer, Attorney John R. Grasso has successfully defended people against charges at the state and federal level, earning a reputation as a skilled advocate for defendants in the Rhode Island justice system.

The following is an excerpt from Attorney Grasso’s article in the Journal:

The Family Court must consider certain factors when called upon to decide whether and how much rehabilitative alimony to award a spouse seeking assistance from the other spouse. These factors are set out in Rhode Island General Laws § 15-5-16.1 These factors include: 1) the length of the marriage; 2) the conduct of the parties during the marriage; 3) the health, age, station, occupation, amount and source of income for each party, the vocational skills of each party, and the employability of the individual parties; and 4) the state, liabilities, and needs of each party.

Additionally, § 15-5-16 encourages the court to consider: 5) the extent to which the parties are unable to support themselves due to: a) absence from employment; b) outdated skills; c) the time and expense required for training and education; d) the probability of becoming self-supporting; e) the standard of living during the marriage; f) the opportunity for either party for future income; and g) the ability of the other spouse to pay.

The article can be found in its entirety here.