As The Exam Approaches..

You are in the home stretch. You’ve made it happen through long and grueling hours and your dedication is going to pay off.

Below is John’s recommendation on how to spend your last few days before the exam.  Don’t burn out. Get plenty of rest. Avoid stress like the plague.

As you’ll read in John’s guide, your peers who are cramming last minute before the exam are doing something wrong. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that their last minute all-nighters are helping them learn the material.

But this is all just one man’s suggestion. Whether you choose to listen to it is up to you.

If you have been diligent and disciplined to this point, you are more than prepared to tackle the 2012 Bar exam.  Here is John’s suggestions on how to handle the last few days up to the test: As the Exam Approaches.

Good luck 2012 Bar examinees. Be confident in your abilities and know that you are prepared. You will do great.


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