Another Title IX Exoneration

“Another Title IX exoneration.  A year after two college students engaged in consensual sex, one of those students filed a complaint against the other that she was incapacitated and unable to consent to the encounter.  We investigated, considered eye witness observations from others of both students in the moments leading up and just before the sexual encounter, and developed gross inconsistencies with the accusing student’s multiple statements.  When confronted with her gross inconsistencies and eye witness accounts, the accuser failed to show up for the hearing and refused to answer questions.  Despite her failure to be present and answer questions about her allegations, a hearing panel convened and considered the evidence and circumstances, including our student’s presence and testimony at the hearing.  When it was over, the panel cleared our student of any wrongdoing.  For months, the accused student suffered under the strain of having been falsely accused of horrible wrongdoing – until today.  Without experienced, competent advising, the result would have certainly been much different.”