Another Title IX/Campus Misconduct Nightmare ends with Not Responsible

“Another local college kid accused of campus sexual assault weeks before graduation is found not responsible.  Four days prior to graduating, we cleared another young man wrongly accused of a Title IX violation.  This particular university does not afford the accused a hearing.  It does not allow his advisor to advocate.  It doesn’t allow for reasonable time to rebut.  The same person who investigates also determines guilt or innocence without having to answer to any detached panel of fact-finders.  There is no access to the investigation report and no mechanism to test the work of the investigator who isn’t an investigator at all.  At this university, the so-called investigator does the police work and acts as judge and jury.  By exposing a serious defect in the investigation which likely lead to motive to falsify, we were able to prove what this young man asserted the entire time – that he was not responsible for any wrongdoing.  If you are searching for the best college or university for your son or daughter, it is YOUR responsibility to investigate each prospective institution’s system of campus justice.”

Result: Not Responsible